Instytut Zarządzania Szkoły Głównej Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego jest współorganizatorem międzynarodowej, cyklicznej konferencji naukowej
61st IACIS Annual Conference – October 6 – 9, 2021 Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, Nevada
Conference Theme: Big Data Analytics

The theme of the 2021 IACIS conference is Big Data Analytics. You are invited to share your research in practice and pedagogical topics related to Big Data Analytics that focus on current and emerging topics such as Leadership and Culture: Building Resilient Curriculum; Emerging Technologies with Disruption; Business Skills for Data and Analytics Professors; AI; Data Science; Machine Learning; Data Architecture; Big Data Analytics Outcomes and Strategy; Leadership and Culture; Security; Privacy; Cybersecurity; Teaching Big Data Analytics strategies; New courses for Big Data Analytics. Other relevant topics are listed under suggested topics.

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